Agrotech USA ® products make sense in all agricultural economies and growing environments worldwide. We provide experienced agronomic support in all markets internationally.

AgroTech USA's products are the best performing products on the market and we continue to prove that in research trials globally. Utilizing third party research facilities and distribution partners we can provide a wide range of data to support out products. 

USA- Corn, Sugar Beets, Potatoes, Permanent Crops, Soybeans, Turf grass, Hog Manure, Dairy Manure 

Canada- Spring Wheat 

England- Potatoes, Sugar Beets, AD Maize, Spring Barley, Spring Wheat 

Ireland- Spring Barley 

Scotland- Potatoes, Carrots, Spring Barley

France- Hog Manure 

Netherlands- Hog Maunre, Dairy Manure

Germany- Hog Manure, Dairy Manure

Hungary- Dairy Manure, Hog Manure, Field tomatoes, Maize, Sunflower, Winter Wheat 

Ukraine- Sunflower 

Bulgaria- Maize, sunflower

Russia- Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat, Carrots, Sugar Beets, Potatoes, Silage Corn Grain Corn, Buckwheat, Soybean, Alfalfa, Forage grass

Poland- Dairy Manure 

China- Field vegetables, Dairy Manure, Hog Manure