What is NutriCharge?

Nutrocharge Dry Jug Mockup.png

NutriCharge® is a non-bio-accumulating liquid MacroMolecule for phosphate fertilizers. 

  • NutriCharge is a large negatively charged molecule with a size of 30,000 daltons and a CEC of 1,200.

  • One product for liquid and dry phosphate applications.

  • NutriCharge provides season long protection for phosphate fertilizer in the soil.

  • Works in both low and high soil pH environments.


Why NutriCharge?

Most phosphate in the soil is only 5-20% available the first year.  It becomes insoluble with cations like:  calcium, aluminum, iron, magnesium and others.  Since it has such a low availability the first year, this can lead to over application which leads to higher phosphorus levels in the soil that may be susceptible to run-off.  NutriCharge's large stable molecule is able to sequester these cations, preventing them from eventual tie-up with phosphate.