Triune is a dispersant and when applied to manure, it is able to bring the solids off of the bottom into a suspension, creating a more homogenized manure. 

It acts as a bridge between the solids that form on the bottom and the water that sits on top, allowing them to bond together.  Being a much heavier product than the manure, it sinks to the bottom, dissolving into the solids and then dispersing through the lagoon, bringing the solids up. 

As manure continues to pile up, Triune has the unique ability to provide season long protection reaching the solids off the bottom.  This season long protection provides a more even distribution of nutrients through the manure, which prevents streaking in the fields and allows for a more consistent flow, as manure is being pumped out.



If you have heavy solids on the bottom it will take several treatments to significantly change the solid level. It will not change overnight. 

If you are able to start with a clean pit/lagoon and begin utilizing Triune you will be able to impact solid accumulation. The Triune treated manure will disperse manure reducing accumulation.

dairy manure nitrogen content