NCSU- Fertilizer Technology Webinar

Updated: Jun 15

Dr. Ron Heiniger, renowned as an expert in starter fertilizers with over 15 years of research on the subject, discusses the strategy for the 2022 cropping season. Should you plant corn and what technology is important in managing your cost of production to maximize profitability as a farmer.



  • NutriCharge is a liquid product that can be mixed into liquid fertilizer and coated onto the surface of dry fertilizers.

  • It is compatible with most starter fertilizers, micronutrients, biologicals, and starter fertilizer additives.

  • It can be treated to liquid and dry fertilizer in advance and has a long treated shelf life for farmers.

  • NutriCharge works on all crops and across a wide range of soil pH.

  • NutriCharge costs growers approximately $5.50 an acre in 5 gallons of starter fertilizer

  • Liquid application rate- 0.5% V/V (0.5 Gallons per 100 Gallons) or if over 15 GPA 0.25% V/V (0.25 gallons per 100 gallons)

  • Dry application rate- 0.5 gallons per ton of fertilizer

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