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Peter Nielson, Regional Sales Manager- Dakotas and Minnesota, joins the AgroTech USA team

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AgroTech USA is delighted to announce that Peter Nielson has joined our esteemed network as a Regional Sales Manager, where he will serve the regions of the Dakotas and Minnesota. Peter brings to the team a wealth of experience and a multifaceted background in education, administration, and agriculture. His rich history and dynamic approach to agricultural development are set to bolster our operations and fortify our presence across the upper Midwest.

Having previously served as the State 4-H Program Leader for SDSU Extension, Peter possesses a nuanced understanding of partnership and collaboration. His trajectory, transitioning from nurturing the youth side of agriculture to navigating the complexities of go-to-market strategies in the seed business, underpins his unique approach. Peter's depth of knowledge embraces the biological and chemical facets of agricultural production inputs, aligning perfectly with our innovative approach at AgroTech USA.

Peter shares his enthusiasm: "AgroTech USA provides a great fit and opportunity to expand nutrient efficiency for ag producers. By working with the latest technology for improving nutrient uptake, growers can utilize the portfolio of AgroTech USA to concentrate on ROI from the beginning of the season rather than adding to their input costs as the year progresses." He also emphasizes his excitement about building a network, stating, "I'm looking forward to building a network of efficiency for our growers and dealers across the upper Midwest. The products are well positioned to bring an economic alternative increasing growers' bottom lines in a way that not only builds on current practice but allows the flexibility to give peace of mind throughout the season."

Our VP of Sales and Co-Founder, James Paterson, extends a warm welcome: "Peter Nielson is exactly the kind of talent we strive to attract at AgroTech USA. His extensive experience aligns perfectly with our mission, driving forward our vision of fostering growth and sustainability in agricultural practices across the upper Midwest."

We look forward to witnessing the contributions Peter will undoubtedly bring to our team, enhancing our commitments and fortifying our engagements within the rapidly growing customer base we serve.

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