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Updated: Feb 22, 2023

EZ-N is a nitrogen additive that protects the nitrogen and improves uptake in the plant when added to nitrogen fertilizer.

It works with the chemistry of the nitrogen fertilizer to retain more nitrogen in ammonium form in the plant's root zone. EZ-N does this without reducing the populations of bacteria that convert it to Nitrate or without slowing the bacteria's activity in the soil.

Keeping it in ammonium form means that nitrogen release is extended in the season. It doesn't convert as rapidly to Nitrate, a negatively charged compound that moves through the soil profile.

EZ-N is a large negatively charged molecule that binds with cations in the soil. The molecule is water-soluble and, as it moves into the soil, fixes to cations. This fixation stops the movement of the molecule holding ammonium keeping it in the root zone where plants need to access it.

Because of the increase in efficiency and supply, it is possible to demonstrate the ability of nitrogen efficiency by reducing nitrogen application rates. The attached studies demonstrated the ability of EZ-N to improve economics and response to nitrogen fertilizer.

The below studies illustrate the ability of EZ-N to allow growers to reduce nutrient application rates without impacting yields.

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